Think it’s about time the air compressors in your Sheffield business had a service? Here’s why doing it now can save you money and a whole lot of stress.

Air compressor servicing: your Sheffield business may not place it right at the top of the to-do list, but if your work depends on keeping your compressed air equipment working, perhaps you should give servicing a higher profile. Here’s why:

Just over a year ago, we provided a quote to a client for rebearing a motor. It wasn’t about to fail the next day, but its days were very definitely numbered. Time passed, other issues took priority, and the client never quite got around to asking us to proceed with the work.

Recently, they called us to tell us the motor had failed completely. When it did, it took the overload/breaker with it.

Because air compressors never fail at a convenient time, the company lost production and had to pay for air compressor hire to ensure they could get back up and running while new parts were sourced and fitted.

By the time we’d finished the repair, the total cost (including lost production and air compressor hire in Sheffield) was triple the original maintenance quote.

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Air compressor servicing isn’t something to put on the back burner. If your Sheffield business relies on air power, then air compressor failure can lead to lost production, spiralling costs, damaged reputations and a whole load of headaches.

So be proactive. Plan your Sheffield air compressor servicing at a time that suits your business, and cut the frequency and cost of air compressor breakdowns.

To plan your air compressor servicing and maintenance, call Algar Air, the compressed air people, on 0114 243 2347.

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