The simple answer is yes, but there’s a little more to it than that…

There are lots of types of air compressor. One of the most specialised is the airbrushing air compressor, which packs just the right amount of power to feed your airbrushing tools. But before you buy one, consider these points…

Engineer Airbrushing with Small Air Compressor

Are you doing more than airbrushing?

If the reason you’re buying an air compressor in Barnsley is for airbrushing and airbrushing alone, then the smaller compressor will work just fine. A larger industrial air compressor should also work fine (although you might need to adjust the regulator) but you shouldn’t need that additional power for paint alone.

BUT, if you plan on doing more than airbrushing with your air compressor, you’ll have to choose a regular air compressor in Barnsley. That’s because, whilst you can use an industrial air compressor for airbrushing (and a host of other applications), it doesn’t work in reverse. An airbrushing compressor will only enable to you to airbrush – it won’t have the power to feed other air tools.

That does mean you’ll have to make a few decisions (and possibly compromises). Choose an air compressor in Barnsley that delivers the capacity and pressure you need and you may lose portability and increase the noise level.

No compromise on quality

If you need to upscale your Barnsley air compressor so that it can handle a variety of air tools, bear in mind that you’ll also need to find a way of ensuring the greater volume of moisture (and potentially oil vapour) generated by the more powerful compressor doesn’t find its way into your paint.

That’s easily done with inline filtration and refrigerant or desiccant driers, but not every air compressor comes with these as standard.

To explore your options, and to ensure you’re choosing the right air compressor in Barnsley, call Algar Air now on 0114 243 2347.

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