Which air compressors offer best value?

SOLIDscrew 11B Air Compressor

For most engineering or manufacturing organisations, the air compressor will be one of the critical purchases. Get it right and you unlock years of trouble free efficiency and production capability. Get it wrong and you’re in for a world of downtime pain, repair costs and (probably) the cost of replacing the air compressor with something more suitable in the fairly near future.

Getting the air compressor right matters. And one of the things that matters most is reliability.

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Every compressor needs regular maintenance to retain efficiency. But with regular servicing, a reliable air compressor can run for years. And few compressors offer ‘run-forever’ capability like SOLIDair. German engineered by BOGE, SOLIDair does everything right by not trying to do be overly clever.

There’s nothing especially new or revolutionary about SOLIDair’s current range of compressors, receivers and dryers. They simply offer performance and reliability for a very sensible price, quietly getting on with doing the job of supplying air power to one man bands, craftsmen and small industrial operators (motor power is up to 15kW).

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It’s not just standalone compressors that benefit from the SOLIDair treatment. Choose a compressor with an underslung receiver and you get an impressively compact footprint with minimal pressure loss and a low compressed air outlet temperature driven by an efficient aftercooler (so your air tools are subjected to less damaging heat and moisture).

And all for some of the most competitive air compressor prices you’ll find anywhere. Take a look at our SOLIDair range, then talk to us on 0114 243 2347.

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