Why Choose Air Power?

If you’ve been using the air compressors in your Doncaster business for years, it’s probably something you don’t even think about any more.

But if you’re moving premises or you’re starting up a new business and you’re considering how to power your drills, conveyors, sprayers and more, it’s worth remembering why so many Doncaster businesses choose compressed air.

Gas air compressor for pneumatic tools


It’s more reliable

Air tools generally contain far fewer moving parts than electrically-powered tools which means that there is less to go wrong with them and they require minimal maintenance.


It’s easier

Since compressed air tools have their power supplied from the air compressor, they don’t need to generate power themselves. That enables compressed air tools in Doncaster to be lighter, smaller and more compact – handy if you’re working in confined spaces or working with tools for a prolonged period.


Air tools cost less

Industrial compressed air systems in Doncaster typically use less electricity than conventionally powered tools. The air tools themselves tend to cost less too – which is good news when you’re setting up in business, and good news when it’s time to replace or upgrade.


More power

Often, particularly when you need to generate high degrees of torque (eg when you’re using air tools to tighten or loosen screws and bolts), compressed air delivers more power than conventional electric tools.


Air tools increase productivity

Whatever the air tool, chances are that thanks to the ability of compressed air systems to generate higher RPM (revolutions per minute), it’ll saw, screw, drill, spray or sand faster than its conventional electrical counterpart.

What’s more, swapping out tools is quick and simple, so your workers save time on switching appliance.


It’s safer

Of course, every Doncaster air compressor is electrically powered, but in industrial applications the power source is usually a long way from the worker. That means it’s safer to use compressed air tools around water, water vapour or flammable gases or powders.


It’s more secure

Thieves are far less likely to target air tools as the sell-on potential is limited. After all, few people outside of businesses have a compressed air system.


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