Escaping air isn’t usually good news for an air compressor. But in this case, we’ll make an exception.

We’ll create a ducting system that protects your compressor, production & the working environment

Every air compressor has its cut-in and cut-out points to regulate pressure and ensure it keeps working safely. But when your system cuts out, you may notice escaping air and wonder where it’s coming from, and why.

The culprit is the unload check valve. This regulator kicks into action when the compressor cuts out, helping to vent air in the line between the pump head and the tank (around the compressor piston). Without the valve, trapped air could damage the compressor motor when it restarts, blowing a fuse or circuit.

Far from a problem, the unload check valve helps protect your air compressor and prolong its working life.

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It shouldn’t take long to vent the air from the compressor piston area, after which time the air should stop escaping. If it continues, there’s a problem, and you’ll need to contact your compressed air engineer.

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