Renting an air compressor may not be part of your plans. But when things change unexpectedly, being able to bring a compressor in at short notice can be worth its weight in gold, as one Algar Air customer has just discovered.
Atlas Copco 37kw Air Compressor


This 37kW Atlas Copco air compressor is just heading out on hire. It’s heading to a local company that recycles white goods and will temporarily replace a Worthington compressor with a faulty invertor. The invertor fault is a significant one and there’s a question as to whether it will be more cost efficient to complete the repair or to replace the compressor. While we price up options, this replacement compressor will keep production flowing, giving us and the customer time and space to reach the right decision.

That’s just one of a huge variety of occasions when hiring an air compressor can offer an essential, if unexpected lifeline.

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When to hire an air compressor

Other occasions when hiring an air compressor can make all the difference include:

Breathing space while parts are on order: Every organisation relies on its air compressor to a different extent. When the compressor breaks down it’s an inconvenience to some businesses, but for others it’s absolutely critical. So if your compressor suffers a fault and an immediate fix isn’t possible, hiring a compressor gives you breathing space while parts are ordered and a repair is scheduled.

Testing a new compressor setup: It’s time to scale up your compressed air system. You have a few options on the table, but you’re not sure how a particular model or setup will work in your business. Hiring that air compressor can enable you to take it for a test drive before you commit.

Moving premises: You’re moving into larger premises, but the compressor can’t be moved immediately. You need a compressor for just a week or two until your regular unit is able to join you, and hiring is the ideal, simple solution.

Temporary air power: Your business doesn’t really need much in the way of air power. The small air compressor you’ve got is more than adequate for 90% of the jobs you carry out with it. But every now and again you need reinforcements. Since buying a larger air compressor would be overkill, air compressor hire enables you to bring in the extra air power you need, only when you need it.

To cover peak demand: Every year, business spikes at the same time. Although your regular air compressor can cope with demand for 11 months of the year, it struggles to cope with your peak season. Hiring an additional air compressor can help you cope with spikes in demand.

Could hiring an air compressor help your business out of a hole? Find out more about hiring compressors with Algar Air. Explore our latest compressors available for hire. Or, to talk about your needs, contact us or call 0114 243 2347.

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