Is your air compressor trying to tell you something? Allow us to interpret.

Reasons your air compressor might be a bit noisier than usual

It’s not unusual for an air compressor to make a bit of noise, but you quickly notice the difference between business as usual and ‘something’s not quite right’. Odd noises don’t necessarily point to a major problem, but they are worth getting to the bottom of, not least because minor issues tend not to stay minor for very long.


My air compressor is:

Squealing briefly on start-up:
Don’t worry – this is quite normal.

Often a sign of a loose part, which means your compressor will need a swift service if it isn’t to result in a breakdown.

Can be a sign of a refrigerant leak.

Could be sign of extreme internal pressure. Switch the compressor off immediately and call us.

Often a sign of a faulty or failing thermostat.

If it’s coming from the electric motor it could be a sign that the capacitor is on its way out. Call us for a repair.

If the noise is coming from around the fan motor it could be a sign of loose wiring, an arcing connection or a failing motor.

If your air compressor equipment is making a noise, don’t ignore it. Talk to use about servicing and repair that will keep your workforce safe, and production moving. Please call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.