Non-mechanical reasons your air compressor might be a bit noisier than usual.

Non-mechanical reasons your air compressor might be a bit noisier than usual

Often, the natural assumption is to think the problem is mechanical and call out the air compressor repair people. But sometimes, the fault can be far less technical than you might think. So before you call us out, do check the following:

Casing is loose
A noisy air compressor gets even louder when there’s a loose casing.

Confined spaces
Air compressors need space. Place them in confined areas with low ventilation and you’ll a) force the compressor to work harder, increasing the volume, and b) potentially experience an echo from whatever enclosure the air compressor is in. Try moving it so its clear of other equipment, and not in a confined space.

Wrong place, wrong time
Not long ago we were called out to a client who had moved the air compressor and was complaining about the noise it was generating. We immediately spotted that the compressor was sat on a metal service hatch, and the resulting vibration was the case of the extra noise.

Expert advice
A noisy air compressor doesn’t always mean there’s a fault, but if these simple solutions don’t help, we will. For air compressor repairs, please call us on 0114 243 2347.


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