Why is my Lincoln air compressor so loud?

Can’t hear yourself think? There may be a problem with your air compressor.

Non-mechanical reasons your air compressor might be a bit noisier than usual

There’s no getting away from it, most air compressors create a significant amount of noise. But if the noise from the air compressor in your Lincoln business is driving you mad, there may be a problem that’s making the compressor run louder than it really needs.

Here are a few things to check:


Where is your air compressor mounted?

Air compressors need air space around them. if they are enclosed, you could be forcing the motor to work harder and therefore generate more noise. Additionally, if your Lincoln air compressor is housed on or in a work unit, try moving it and see if that improves things. Vibration and echo can add considerably to air compressor noise.


Loose fittings

Check the housing and the filter to ensure neither are loose or broken. Both could add to compressor noise.


Pressure release valve

The pressure release valve, as the name suggests, activates when your Lincoln compressed air system needs to vent excess pressure, but it can also be a useful way of removing air from the system if you’re having pressure problems. Check that the valve has been relocated correctly. If it’s loose, it could create a knocking that adds to compressor noise.


The pump gasket

The pump gasket of your Lincoln air compressor is one of the most common causes of air compressor noise. The gasket separates high and low pressure air flows, but as it ages it can chip and crumble, enabling air flows to combine in the pump.

You can replace the gasket yourself, but if you haven’t the know-how or time we can help.


Expert advice

Noise is a natural by-product of compressing air, but if you feel your Lincoln air compressor has become louder, of if you feel the noise is excessive, call us. With more than 30 years of air compressor repairs behind us, we’ll be able to help.


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