Why Won’t My Air Compressor Switch On?

Air compressor refusing to start? Before you pay for a callout by your Derbyshire air compressor repairer, try these simple tips…

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An air compressor that refuses to start means production slows or even stops. Call us for a repair and we’ll be with you fast, helping to get things moving again, but you may not need a callout at all if you make these simple checks first.

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Is power getting to your air compressor?

It may sound rather (or very) basic, but we have been called out to air compressor repairs in Derbyshire where the solution was takes-a-second-to-fix-it-simple. So before you dismiss the following, just give them a try. It’ll only take a moment.

a) Check the air compressor is plugged in
b) Check it’s switched on – at the mains and on the unit itself
c) If the air compressor is plugged into a power bank, extension cable or similar, try plugging it directly into the wall to eliminate the possibility of a fault elsewhere
d) Check the circuit breaker. If it has tripped, reset it and switch the air compressor on. If it trips again call us.


Empty the air tank

Where air becomes trapped around the compressor piston, it can prevent the compressor motor from starting. It’s good practice to occasionally empty the tank of air, so try this now. Press the trigger of your air tool to release air, and/or pull the pressure release valve on your air compressor. Once all the air has escaped, replace the pressure valve and try switching the compressor back on.


My air compressor still won’t start

If the air compressor in your Derbyshire business still refuses to start then chances are the problem is more significant. It could be:

  •  An electrical fault of some description
  •  A pressure switch issue (the pressure switch regulates pressure in the tank by turning the compressor on and off. A faulty switch could prevent the compressor from switching on)
  •  A more serious compressor problem

These aren’t issues that can typically resolved without a callout. To arrange yours, please call Algar Air, Derbyshire’s air compressor engineers. We’ll be with you fast and have you back up and running in no time.


For help, advice, installation, servicing and repair of your Derbyshire air compressors, call us now on 0114 243 2347.

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