Advice for your compressed air systems through the winter period. Don’t forget to prepare your building and compressed air equipment ready for the cold snap.

Frosty industrial refrigeration compressor pipes

We can all take measures to prevent damage and breakdowns to our Air Compressors and associated equipment caused by extreme cold temperatures. Here are a few tips from us:


  • Drain all Air Receivers, Condensate Drains and Electronic Drain Valve etc of water to prevent ice forming
  • If possible; insulate any Oil/Water Separators that exposed to the elements
  • All Rotary Screw Air Compressors need to be covered or have small heaters installed inside so they don’t drop below freezing. Please contact us for further information about an installation
  • We’d be happy to assist you by carrying out a site survey for your specific circumstances
  • If you need any De-icing Salt for the icy conditions to come please contact the office for a special offer price of £9.95 (exc Vat) per 25kg bag. Please call 0114 2432347 and quote NOV09


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