Does your air compressor equipment meet legal requirements? Ask us to check.

Is air compressor compliance testing essential?

Yes. Every business has to meet a multitude of legal obligations affecting everything from tax and payroll to health and safety. Your air compressor system is also governed by legislation – most notably the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR).

Complying with the PSSR may be a legal obligation – but we look at compliance as more than a tick box exercise. Because complying with the regulations doesn’t just ‘cover your back’. It protects your workers. It protects your reputation. It protects the quality of the products you manufacture and your ability to meet deadlines.

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That’s why, when you ask us to compliance test the air compressor system in your Mansfield business, we’ll also check all this:

   •  Low pressure issues – to ensure your air power remains sufficient to deliver the required production rates or finish quality
   •  Pipework and connections – to ensure air that should be feeding your production isn’t escaping the system
   •  Heat and noise – if your air compressor or a component is running hot or generating excessive noise, we’ll identify the issue as part of the compliance check

Can I carry out a PSSR check in-house?

Yes. PSSR compliance checks can be carried out by any “competent person” within your business. But if you don’t have an in-house expert, if they don’t have the time to carry out the checks, or if you want a compliance check that looks further than mere compliance, talk to us.

More than the air compressor

Ask us to review the air compressor in your Mansfield business and we’ll test every part of the system:

   •  Air Receivers
   •  Air Tanks (not Diving Equipment)
   •  Air Vessels
   •  Safety Valves
   •  Pipework

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> You can find full details of the requirements here: Written Schemes of Examination *pdf

> Find out more about legislation & compliance
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